The Different Styles of Academic Hoods and Regalia

When graduation day is fast approaching, common scenario inside the campus would be that all the graduating students are very busy in preparing for this big event which they have actually waited for years. Last minute requirements are being submitted and other graduation preparations are done like practicing for the ceremony and reserving or purchasing the academic regalia.

Perhaps one of the things which gets most of the graduating students excited about would be wearing their academic regalia. They are basically garments which generally compose of a graduation gown, academic square caps and academic hoods. Every item has a symbolism which lie behind them and has a purpose for the upcoming ceremony such as the hooding ceremony and the flipping of the tassel. These special parts of the ceremony are brought about with the use of the academic regalia and they also make the entire ceremony even more meaningful and symbolic to the graduate.

Such garments actually come in different colors, styles and designs depending on the field of study or academic level that one will be receiving during that day. For instance, academic dress doctorate are more majestic looking compared to the ones worn by graduates of bachelor’s degree. They have more broad and circular shaped sleeves which would really make them stand out and bring about a feel of hierarchy among the graduates.

Aside from the academic gown or dress, academic hoods also come in different designs and colors depending on the field of study one will be graduating with. Hoods may be v-shaped while others are circular; they can also be in metallic colors or made out of patterns, too. They can also be made out of the traditional design while others can opt for a more contemporary and modern look.

For graduates of doctoral degrees, caps may also vary. Most of the time during graduation, doctoral graduates will not have to wear the usual square academic cap. Instead, they get to wear a 6-sided tam which can be made out of velvet to have a more upper class feel. Though different, what makes it similar with the usual square cap would be that these tams would still have tassels attached on them to be symbolically flipped over to the other side during the ceremony.

While there are so many different styles of the academic regalia like academic hoods, caps and gowns today, the search for best garments have become even more difficult since there would actually be many to choose from. Variations of graduation garments are now even found in online shops and websites like Grad Shop. They have different kinds of graduation apparel which are colorful and are designed to look modern. In addition, their products are crafted using high quality materials to give you the comfort which we all want. The best part is, purchases can be done at the convenience of your home, office or even through your smartphones. Visit their website today to check on the graduation garments they have to offer you!

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